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It is very important to understand how you are being charged for local moves. During a normal move, there are certain basic charges that are applicable:

Long Distance Moves.
(either between points in PA that is greater than forty miles, or between states (Maine to Florida; the Mississippi River to the East Coast))

The cost of these moves will be determined by the weight and distance of your move. As with local moves, there is a fuel charge.

Additional Costs
In addition, there may be optional costs to your move, such as, but not limited to, packing services, special handling services, pianos, and other such services that require special/specific home-to-home handling.

Unpacking Services should be made prior to your move. If you choose to handle all unpacking yourself, our company will not be responsible for any breakage or damage incurred, nor for the removal of packing materials from your home.

Payments must be made by credit or debit cards (Mastercard, VISA, Discover Card), certified check, money order, travelers check, cashier check, or cash. Personal checks cannot be accepted. Should you have any questions regarding payment, you are asked to contact the main J Cawley Moving Office directly (570 299 7852) prior to your move.

If any goods are placed in short-term or long-term storage, charges up to the date of your move must be paid.

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